“How do you see this world?”

Yoshi was born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, and now lives in Osaka

Graffiti was drawn on a street wall. When he first saw that graffiti, Yoshi was a junior high school student. He was too shocked to say anything. Thinking about it now, he realizes that it was the moment when he stepped into the world of expression.

Yoshi left college and began to explore photography. He studied photos at the long-established photo gallery DOT in Kyoto. He took landscapes photographs and portraits with a film camera. There were a lot of nice photos, but none of it impacted him like the graffiti he saw in those junior high days. He could not find pleasure in the confines of ordinary photography. This being the case, he decided to create his own images so that they would excite as that graffiti had. 

In 2014, Yoshi found himself attracted to works made with multiple exposure. That discovery triggered the opening up of his world of expression, and he began to create works using digital cameras.  Ever since, he has maintained a distance from conventional photography, and instead takes pleasure in the creation of works of art such as paintings that are seemingly invisible in photos. His imagery sometimes represents a fusion of people and plants, sometimes the world captured by the camera’s own eye.

Yoshi’s work creates a unique world based on the two themes of blending the truth and expressing another world, and projecting a world that cannot be grasped by the human eye, asking the world questions.

Is the world you are looking at a real picture? This point of view also exists, but, as for you – how do you see? To Yoshi it may look thus and so, but what about to you? And so on…. 

Yoshi has created a style that impacts more than the shock he received when he encountered that graffiti and first stepped into his world of expression, in order to shock the people of the world.



ストリートの壁にグラフィティが描かれていた。それらを始めて見た時、Yoshi は中学生だった。 何とも言えない衝撃を受けた。今思えば表現の世界に足を踏み入れた瞬間だった。 

大学を出てカメラを始めた。京都の老舗写真ギャラリーDOT にて写真を学ぶ。 フィルムカメラで風景やスナップ写真を撮った。世間に素敵な写真はたくさんあったが、中学の時に見 たグラフィティほどの衝撃を受けることはなかった。だったら自分で造り出せばいい。 ストレートな写真に面白さを感じることが出来ず、本来の写真から距離を置いた、一見写真に見えない 絵画のようなアート作品の制作に楽しみを見出す。 

2014 年 Yoshi は『多重露光』を使った作品に出会い心惹かれる。それをきっかけに表現の世界が広がり、 デジタルカメラを使った作品創りが始まる。人物と植物の融合作品、またはカメラ自身の眼で捉えた世 界を表現する。 

Yoshi の作品は、真実を融合させ別の世界を表現すること、人間の眼で捉えることの出来ない世界を写し 出す、という2つのテーマを基に独自の世界を創り出し世間に問いかける。 あなたが見ている世界は本当の姿ですか?こういう見方もあるけど、あなたはどう見る?私はこう見るけ れど、あなたはどう? というように… 昔、自分が受けた衝撃以上の作品を創り出し、世間の人に衝撃を与えるために。