Born in Okayama Prefecture,Japan

Unable to hold an interest in straight photography, Yoshi operates at a distance from convention, finding pleasure instead in the creation of photographic works of art impossible to see through just a passing glimpse.

Yoshi began studying photography after visiting Gallery DOT, a photo exhibition space in Kyoto. He couldn’t see the merits of portrait or landscape photography, genres he saw as aiming simply for beauty, or a freeze-frame of reality, but his opinion and understanding of the medium changed completely upon discovering photographs processed using multiple exposures. Encountering this fascinating technique led to his current stylized method of photographic expression.

Melding ubiquitous subjects like plants, animals, water, and light with representations of the human form, Yoshi creates composite works of art. His photographs are thus born from a space unbeholden to time or place.

Whether using the textures of plants to show the interior of a soul, or using the human image to express the situation of a plant, Yoshi is constantly peering through his lens, gathering and combining images into works of art that surpass the trauma of his memories.